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It is the client's responsibility to be aware of all the Terms and Conditions of Business 

Hunting days are determined by the dates of the contracted period. Hunting will commence on the first day of the contracted period and cease on the last day of the contracted period. When hunting more than one area, camp transfers are required. The day of transfer is considered a hunting day. 

Reservations are confirmed on the timely receipt of all payments including deposits requested by Lew Harris Safaris. 

To reserve the dates of a safari, the client will be required to pay a 50% deposit of the total Daily Rate for all hunters and observers. 

The balance of the Daily Rate is payable 60 (sixty) days before the contracted starting date of the safari. 

A deposit of 50% of the trophy fee for any of the Big 5 and certain rare species such as Sable may be requested to confirm the allocation of required permits for these animals. Balance of the trophy fees and any additional charges are payable on completion of the safari. 

Upon receipt of a deposit, preferred dates and itineraries are only provisional and may need to be adjusted to accommodate circumstances beyond our control. Final dates will however be committed to well in advance. 

Fees are payable in US Dollars only. Traveller's cheques and credit card payments are not accepted. Deposits to be wired by International Banking Services and the balance is payable on completion of safari by either cash or a wire transfer.

We have a banking service where we send you an invoice via email, on the mail you will see 3 different payment options you can use. These fees are substantially cheaper than going into your bank and doing a traditional wire transfer.

 Prices are based on the ruling South African Rand / US Dollar exchange rate and are subject to change. 

All clients must be aware that there are certain inherent risks involved in participating in the type of trips and/or safaris sold by Lew Harris Safaris and its agents. The client, by paying a deposit for a safari, accepts these risks as his/her own. We strongly recommends that clients obtain at least the following types of insurance: accidental death and disability, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation, major medical, loss of personal effects, loss or damage to the hides, skins, horns, skulls of trophies hunted. While travelling, temporary or permanent loss of baggage and or firearms is the responsibility of the client. Furthermore Lew Harris Safaris will not be held responsible for damages to or loss of personal items belonging to the client and / or his / her companions before, during or after the contracted safari dates. It is necessary for all clients to sign a personal indemnity before the commencement of the safari. 

The client agrees to abide by the decision of his Professional Hunter to kill any animal that the client has shot at, if in the Professional Hunter's opinion the animal is a threat to human life, is suffering or may escape and not be found. 

In determining whether an animal which has been shot at by the client is wounded or not, the decision of the Professional Hunter will be final and binding to the payment for the animal whether it is found and recovered or not. Clients agree that they have no objection whatsoever to the use of any photographs and or video material taken during their safari for use in any promotional material published by Lew Harris Safaris, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. 

Lew Harris Safaris will endeavour to provide exclusive use of safari camps and hunting areas for each safari. However, circumstances beyond our control - e.g. airline flight changes - sometimes prevent us from offering this. Furthermore, the hunting season in certain National Park areas is limited sometimes necessitating the sharing of camp. It is essential to obtain local currency from any international airport bank upon arrival for personal expenses. This is extremely important! 

The main hunting season in South Africa is during our winter months from March to October. Hunters who wish to hunt during our summer or off-season must be aware that due to climatic conditions e.g. rain, and other factors such as thick bush etc., the success rate for certain animals may not be as high as during the normal hunting season. Long range shooting (200m - 300m) may be required. All hunters should ensure that they bring rifles of suitable caliber's (min .270) fitted with reliable variable telescopes and that ammunition is capable of distance trajectory. The legal minimum caliber's for any of the Big 5 is a .375 magnum. 

It is the responsibility of every hunter to be fully acquainted with his/her firearms and to practice his/her shooting thoroughly before arrival. Although our Professional Hunters will endeavour to present the best possible opportunity Lew Harris Safaris will not accept responsibility for poor shooting or hunting time used searching for missed or wounded animals. 

Clients must be prepared for cold weather in June, July and August. Every client and all companions who accompany him / her on a safari undertake to read and understand the entire contents of the current Lew Harris Safaris brochure and these terms and conditions of business. It is the clients responsibility to obtain firearm & ammunition import / export permits. Firearm safety is PARAMOUNT. The client is responsible for his/her firearm safety, at all times!

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